What does it mean to be a success or to live a successful, extraordinary life?

Everyone will have a slightly different answer but, for the most part, we all are looking for similar things:

– More joy and happiness;
– More freedom to do the things we love;
– Better health and well-being;
– More love and passion in our relationships;
– Better career and financial results;
– More fun and adventure

Everyone wants more of the good things that life has to offer, right?
Well, to get more, people need to activate their full potential. They need to hit a higher gear and become high performers at whatever they do. They have to become more focused, productive, influential, and strategic, to take those specific steps that will increase the chance of success while decreasing the risk of failure.

But it’s not easy and most people are struggling more than they have to in these areas. And they don’t need to. Fact is..they don’t need to. This is where I come in. I help individuals overcome their challenges and help them see the road ahead and the steps they need to take to create their extraordinary life so that they can begin thriving instead of merely surviving. So if you are ready for exponential success contact me today to discuss how we can work together.

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Arthur Magoulianiti High performance coach

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We seldom end up where we start. Arthur Magoulianiti knows this first-hand. Going from Electrical Engineer into Senior Management with Blue Chip companies, he experienced success, but knew that something was missing.

Arthur knew it was aligned to his entrepreneurial spirit and then he found it! It was realizing he was a natural fit to offer private coaching for entrepreneurs and business leaders. Today, Arthur helps people take the “what” and the “how?” out of their equation and guide them to the point where they can implement their ideas that will transition them to their greater potential and attain extraordinary results.

Arthur sees his life as a constant adventure, filled with freedom and choice and happiness and has taken advantage of travel to achieve his goals, seeing the world while pursuing his passion for learning and personal development.~

He’s gained recognition as a Strategic Interventionist with the (Tony) Robbins-Madanes Centre, Certified High Performance Coach with The Burchard Group and as a certified coach, trainer, and speaker with The John Maxwell Leadership Team, as well as being a Founder Member of The John Maxwell Team.  He is a NLP Master Practitioner, a best-selling author, having co-written a book with Mark Victor Hansen and part of Tony Robbin’s Platinum Group.

Arthur has made Cyprus his home, along with his wife Penelope and two children, Harry and Maria Anastasia, and Max, the family dog.  With a desire for his personal adventures to be as exciting as his professional ones, Arthur is a keen outdoor enthusiast, including having climbed various mountains, including Mt. Kilimanjaro, as well as practising Krav Maga and enjoying the sea, sun and lifestyle that Cyprus is famous for.

His focus with clients includes Business Coaching, High Performance Coaching, Life Coaching and, his latest project, Adventure Coaching.

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Business Coaching

When it’s time for action to create your boom, you require powerful, direct, and to the point business coaching. After all, you want results, first and foremost.

Results such as doubling and even tripling your productivity and your results, significantly increasing your energy and your passion for your business, becoming a master influencer and overall making significantly  more income while increasing their time off and enjoying more overall happiness and fulfilment in their business and live than ever before.

The clients that I work with are already successful by most peoples’ definitions; however, they are looking to raise their game exponentially, to become consistent high performers and create extraordinary results over the long term. Their drive is their commitment to progress and an innate desire to take action and improve each day.

This type of energy feeds them and propels them to greater achievements—things they’ve thought of, but have yet to reach. Business Coaching will take you those new heights and and to a whole new level of performance.

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Life Coaching

Cyprus Life Coach

Want to create an extraordinary life and lifestyle?  It is possible, it is possible for you and it is a lot easier than you might imagine.

We ALL have, at our fingertips, the most amazing opportunities to create the life of our dreams but unless you can spot these importunities and grab them, they will go wasted.  Life Coaching gives you tools to improve all areas of your life so that you can thrive, not merely survive, and so you can begin to create that extraordinary life and lifestyle you desire and dream about.

Today is the day you should consider setting your life on a completely new path. Begin mapping out the future and start expanding your tool bag, with the right strategies and proven concepts to let you act upon what you envision your future being. Don’t settle for less than achieving exponential results.

Life Coaching is the most powerful tool for change in the world. And if you don’t already have what you desire than change is what is required.

High Performance Coaching

What do the top achievers, athletes, business men and woman have in common? They have all embraced the principles of high performance and high performance coaching. High Performance is the ability to operate at much higher levels (than the average person) continuously and sustainably for extraordinary results.

But High Performance is not reserved exclusively for these top achievers. Anyone can adopt the same strategies to transform their results, in business and personal life.

Whether you want to be more energetic and vital, to think clearer and quicker, to be more influential and able to spread your message more effectively, to triple your results and you productivity, high performance coaching can do that for you.

Developments in Neuroscience has shown us ways to ramp up our performance in measurable and exponential steps. If we follow these steps we see results. Simple as.


Adventure Coaching


Real People and Real Results

08-11-2013 19-45-23“Arthur’s coaching has been a real support and an uplift for me during a challenging time of life changes. His methods have helped me build realistic yet fantastic plans. As a consequence, I am about to double my income as a Training Consultant whilst also becoming a Business Psychologist and I’m producing work I never could have imagined.”

0d967cd“Quite simply you couldn’t wish to work with anyone as intelligent, trustworthy, authoritative and credible than Arthur. When Arthur speaks, people listen.”

russ“Arthur inspired me to follow my passion and was one of the reasons I decided to set up my personal training business.I am in no doubt that Arthur is a driving force behind my current success in my new business and would urge anyone thinking of working with Arthur to just do it – it will be worth it.”

32b866b“Arthur is high on integrity and focused on results. He is extremely encouraging and proactive in his approach, committing 100% to the people he works with – and will second you to the finish line”

2297999“Arthur is truly inspirational. He has the ability to enable you recognise those of your areas which require attention, then provides the tools to improve them. Extremely professional and with compassion and insight which makes him one of the best motivational trainers and coaches I have ever encountered.”

0e7b57b“My client base increased by 75% in just a number of weeks. I now feel more excited about my life and the new direction that it is taking. I did not realise how much my life could improve and how more fulfilled I would feel. I highly recommend Arthur’s coaching.”



Our contributions to this world are our legacy. I firmly believe this. In addition to helping clients overcome their obstacles and challenges so they can “see” their next steps, I am equally passionate about helping individuals who cannot see have their eyesight restored.

Over 20 million children and adults are blind today, a condition which causes staggering pain and suffering for many. I’ve found a way to help eliminate this problem one person at a time. For just $300 and a 15 minute operation that can be carried out locally, blind people of all ages can have their eyesight restored and their life massively improved. Isn’t that amazing, and powerful?



A percentage of everything I receive through coaching and my other businesses goes toward helping more people see again. I have helped people and through this sincere desire, I’ve grown in more ways than I can ever explain. Contributing feels good and that’s why I embrace it wholeheartedly.

Do you want to help people in this impactful way? If you do, it’s not a requirement that you work with me. Click the picture on the left or CLICK HERE to visit 20x20x20’s website. See firsthand the wonderful work they are doing and how you can help directly.

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