26 years old and staring down the barrel of a GUN. I had literally hit rock-bottom.

I felt helpless…hopeless…broken and alone with no one to turn to for help.

I was ill…I was in PAIN…I was SCARED…It felt like my whole life was caving in on me.

Modern Medicine, Doctors, Psychologists – They had all FAILED me. I had run out of options… I was EXHAUSTED from

the battle.

I didn’t pull the trigger that day, but sadly, men around the world do every single day.

They suffer in SILENCE.

Afraid to show any perceived WEAKNESS or ask for HELP.

Turning to drugs, alcohol, women, money…Anything to COPE…Until they can’t go on anymore.

I am now happily married with two children and have a THRIVING mentoring business. I have created my dream lifestyle which includes living on an island and having lots of time off to enjoy life, and the great adventure it is. 

In the process I discovered my passion to share with people what I have learned to help them end their suffering and pain.


Mentoring has brought me more joy and fulfillment than I ever could have imagined. My journey has given me a new mission in life, to help men create an extraordinary life, by becoming extraordinary men.

Remember, if you don’t claim Extraordinary, Ordinary claims you! 

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